Grants and loans for private landlords

Disabled Facilities Grant

Disabled Facilities Grant (also known as DFG) is a grant for adaptations to a dwelling occupied by a disabled person. A landlord may apply for the grant for an adaptation for their tenant as a landlord's application. If the adaptation is for a resident landlord the application would become an owner occupier's application. Alternatively a private tenant may apply for the grant for a disabled person in their household.

You will be entitled to the grant if our Housing & Adult Social Care Team recommends an adaptation for your tenant, or yourself if you are a resident landlord.

We will advise you how the assessment by Housing & Adult Social Care will be arranged. The Council's Occupational Therapist will make the assessment if your tenant (or you if the application's for yourself as a resident landlord) has a physical disability.

The maximum amount of grant is £30,000.

If the cost of the works is more than the grant you may be able to apply for help through the Relocation Grant.

If repairs are also required to the dwelling being adapted, you may also apply for help through the  or a Health & Safety Grant or Security Grant.

You cannot normally get a disabled facilities grant if:

  • the cost of the work or equipment is less than £1,000
  • works are in excess of, or differ from, those recommended by Camden’s Occupational Therapist

The amount of grant is determined by a number of factors related to the type of works, the type of property, its occupancy, its location and the landlord's capacity to increase rents as a result of the works being carried out. A simple formula is used to calculate the potential amount of grant.

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