How many points do successful bidders have?

The table below helps those who have qualified for our housing register to work out their chances of bidding successfully for our available homes. Our supply of homes is not enough for everyone who qualifies.

Size of home Average points held by recent successful bidders Lowest points held by recent successful bidders
Studio 200 150
1 Bedroom 350 100
2 Bedrooms 523 287
3 Bedrooms 345 120
4 Bedrooms* 435 120
5 Bedrooms or more* 370 240

*We allocate a very small number of homes with four or more bedrooms, so the points for these homes will vary a lot depending on the individual properties.

  • Your bid can be successful with lower points than the minimum above, especially if you are assessed as having priority for ground floor or accessible homes. We would urge you to bid regularly and for all homes that you think you would be happy to move into.
  • However, having more than the points shown above is no guarantee that your bid will be successful. This is because of the high demand for social housing.
  • You can also bid for homes with one bedroom less than your assessed need, but we ask you to consider what the impact of a lack of space might be on you and your family were you to succeed.
  • Homes on the ground floor and adapted homes are often allocated to people with lower points than the overall average. People we have assessed as having a need for a home on the ground floor or an adapted home, such as people with severe physical disability, receive priority for these homes.

These points levels are lower than under the previous scheme, which closed in December 2015. For an explanation as to why points levels are now lower, please go to Why have my points changed on the new register?.

The results of bidding for every property we advertise are published weekly on Home Connections.

If you would like further information on alternatives to social housing, please see our Housing Options pages.

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