Mutual exchanges

Moving outside Camden

If you want to move away from Camden there are a number of options depending on where you want to live.

If you would like to move to another council area and meet their residency criteria, then you may be able to apply directly to the housing waiting list in the area of your choice. First, you need to find out which local authority your chosen area is in, and then ask them for a housing application form. Contact details for all councils can be found on

Ways social housing tenants can move out of Camden:

Home Swapper swaps across the UK

Home Swapper helps you to swap homes with another tenant. You can find an exchange partner anywhere in the United Kingdom. The website is for council or housing association tenants only. It is free to council tenants but some housing association tenants may have to pay a small fee to register if their landlord is not part of the scheme.

Housing moves within London

Housing Moves is run by the Greater London Authority and allows social housing tenants living in London to move to different parts of the city through a choice-based lettings bidding system.

Homefinder UK moves across the UK

Homefinder UK allows council tenants and some housing association tenants to move from one part of the UK to another through a choice based lettings bidding system. You’ll need to contact your landlord to see if they are a part of the scheme. You can also use this scheme if you are a homeless household living in temporary accommodation provided by Camden Council or we are working with you to prevent you from becoming homeless.

Seaside and Country Homes scheme

Seaside and Country Homes scheme is open to council and housing association tenants over 60 years old, who live in London and would like to consider moving to the coast or countryside.

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