Mutual exchanges

What is a mutual exchange?

A mutual exchange is the swap of homes between two or more social housing tenants.

All council tenants (provided they are not introductory tenants) and most housing association tenants have a right to exchange properties, provided their landlords give permission.

Mutual exchanges are an extremely fast way of moving into a different council or housing association property. You could be in a new home of your choosing in less than 10 weeks, whereas you are likely to be waiting many years to successfully bid for permanent accommodation through Camden’s housing register or you may not qualify to bid at all. Around 150 council tenants move through mutual exchange each year.

You can exchange your property with another Council or housing association tenant anywhere in the country; perhaps to be closer to family, friends or nearer work. Under-occupying Council tenants may also be entitled to a one off payment from the Tenants’ Options Fund if you are exchanging with an overcrowded family in Camden.

If you are moving out of borough through a Mutual Exchange you will not be entitled to a Tenant’s Option Fund payment.

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