Agar Grove estate regeneration

Previous consultation events

The approval of the redevelopment by the Council's Cabinet and Development Control Committee came after a series of resident consultation events:

March 2012 – what residents thought about the Agar Grove estate

June 2012 – options for building new housing on the estate

April 2013 – new designs for the estate layout

June 2013 – development options for Lulworth

August 2013 – updates on the proposals including design of the new buildings, refurbishment of Lulworth, phasing of the work, and the open spaces

October 2013 – further updates on the proposals including the size, position and look of the new buildings, the landscaping plan, the ‘Homezone’ approach to the new roads, and information about the trees

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We displayed images of the new buildings and their surroundings at an exhibition in December 2013:

Since approval of the redevelopment we have held other events:

In July 2014 we exhibited images of the insides of the new buildings (the communal areas and inside the new homes):

July 2014 – exhibition at the Agar Children's Centre to explain the development plans to people using the centre

October 2014 – event attended by our contractor, Greater London Demolition, ahead of the first phase of demolition and enabling works

December 2014 – event for Lulworth residents to answer questions about the scheme and address any worries about the plans.

In April 2015 we appointed Hill as the contractor to build the first two phases of the redevelopment scheme. We held a ‘Meet the Contractor’ event in May 2015 where residents met staff from Hill including their resident liaison team: 

In May 2015 we also held an exhibition at the Agar Children's Centre, to explain about construction of the first new building to people using the centre:

If you would like copies of exhibition boards that aren’t available to download, or have any queries, please contact the estate regeneration team

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