Food waste recycling collection

What food waste can I recycle? 

Use your lined food caddy to collect all of your cooked and uncooked food waste - from scraps and peelings to leftovers and out-of-date items.

Yes please

  • fruit and vegetables
  • meat and fish
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • bread and pastries
  • dairy products
  • rice, pasta and beans
  • eggs and eggshells
  • cooked and leftover food

No thanks

  • plastic bags
  • cooking oil
  • food packaging
  • carcasses (whole chickens or turkeys)
  • animal waste
  • nappies
  • garden waste
  • any other non-food waste

Residents on Estates

Please use suitable caddy liners to line your food caddy. Plastic bags do not compost so please don’t use them - we won’t be able to collect your food waste recycling if you do:

If you do not live on an estate and your food waste recycling is collected from your outdoor caddy, please click on the following link for details of where caddy liners can be purchased

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