Recycling rubbish and reuse

Communal collections

  Mixed Recycling

If you live in a flat or estate where you have shared communal recycling bins your collections will be twice a week.

If you would like to recycle but don’t have recycling bins please contact us

Food waste

Food waste in shared communal bins is collected on a weekly basis

Residents on Estates

Please use suitable caddy liners to line your food caddy. Plastic bags do not compost so please don’t use them - we won’t be able to collect your food waste recycling if you do.

To order more caddy liners please contact us at

Additional items

To help you recycle more we will also be providing free collections for:

Contact us and we'll send you the correct colour bags which we'll collect at the same time as your recycling.


Rubbish from shared communal bins will be collected at least twice a week. Check you are recycling everything you can  and please put your black bag waste in the rubbish bins not recycling.

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