Recycling rubbish and reuse


Wheeled bins 

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Wheelie bins are practical and you can move them from one point to another easily due to the back wheels, making it easier to put your wheelie bin out for collection.

Another advantage in having a 240 litre wheelie bin is related to its capacity and the ability to store rubbish over a longer period of time.

They also help to improve the cleanliness of streets by keeping the pavements clear of any rubbish bags, preventing wildlife from ripping them open and creating a mess.

We provide 140 litre and 240 litre black wheelie bins for rubbish. The 240 litre wheelie bin is the equivalent of 4 standard black bags.

 Wheelie bin size (*estimated dimensions)

 Wheelie bin size
 Width  Depth
 *240 litres
 108cm  58cm  73cm
 *140 litres
 106cm  49cm  55cm

If you have a larger than average household and think you will need a bigger bin, please contact us to arrange a visit from our team

Orange bags

If you do not have space for a wheelie bin or would prefer to use sacks we provide 2 branded orange 60 litre sacks (same capacity as a black bag) per week. Please note that we will only collect rubbish that is put in orange Camden branded rubbish bags.

You will be provided with a pack of orange Camden branded rubbish bags which will allow you to use two bags weekly or four bags every two weeks, depending on your location. This is equivalent to the amount of rubbish which can be contained over two weeks in a wheelie bin.

These bags will be delivered to your door every six months. If you require more bags before your next delivery, you will need to call us on 020 7974 2202

Collection frequency

Find out your collection day and frequency

We made the decision on the frequency of rubbish collections by looking at all properties on a street rather than individual properties. This can mean that some properties with the same amount of storage space or lay out, may receive different collections due to the properties surrounding it having different storage space.

Where to put your non-recyclable rubbish on collection day

Please place your containers within one metre of your property boundary, as close to the pavement as you can. If you have no space at the front of your property, place containers on the pavement but do not block the pathway. Please bring all containers to street level. All containers will be returned to where you placed them for collection. Take your containers back to your property within 24 hours.

 Container presentation

Find out about recycling collections

Extra rubbish

We will not collect extra rubbish left next to your bin. Your bin lid needs to close
flat for us to empty it. If you sort your recycling properly you should have enough space in
your rubbish bin to last two weeks. You can take any extra rubbish to Regis Road or Hornsey St recycling and rubbish centres.

Assisted collections

If you have difficulty moving your containers you may be eligible for assisted collections. Please contact us if you require this service.

Nappy collection and incontinence pads

For families who believe that they will not be able to manage their rubbish effectively due to having children who wear nappies or for residents who use incontinence pads, please contact a member of the team or call 020 7974 2202 to help you. A free weekly nappy and adult hygiene products collection service will be available to households with children who wear nappies.

Nappy bag orders will be delivered within five days of request. The nappy bags are pink and are only to be used for nappy waste. If they are used for other waste they will be uncollected along with a visit from Veolia’s Education Team. Residents can also use their own nappy bins and Veolia will collect the nappy bags from a nappy bin that is presented for collection.

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