Rubbish collection

 When is rubbish collected?

Will we provide bins for you to store your rubbish?

We provide recycling and composting kit free of charge but do not provide bins for non-recyclable rubbish.  

If you would like to purchase a bin for your own use please ensure it is no more than 1.07 metres high (the standard size of a wheelie bin up to 240 litres). This is because our collection crews manually empty each bin and must be able to reach to the base of the bin to empty it.

Any bin for rubbish should be black or grey. It must NOT be green, as this is the colour of our recycling bins.

The bin must be stored entirely within your property, and there must be no steps between where it is stored and the public highway.

If you have any questions about purchasing a rubbish bin, please contact environment services

Can I put bags next to or in litter bins?

No, this is flytipping.