Euston planning framework

The information below provides information about the planning framework the Council developed for the Euston Area and how it was prepared. The framework was adopted in April 2009. The Council then adopted the Euston Area Plan in February 2015.

What is the Euston planning framework?

The Euston planning framework sets out relevant planning policies and detailed advice for Euston station and other development sites in the area.

It provides guidance to developers and others about what we would like to see in plans for the redevelopment of the Euston area. In general, the framework includes information on:

  • the acceptable mix of land uses
  • the size and layout of buildings
  • transport interchanges
  • community facilities
  • infrastructure provision

The sites included in the framework are:

  • Euston Station, Euston Road, NW1
  • the railway carriage sheds at Granby Terrace, NW1
  • the former BHS depot site at 132-142 Hampstead Road, NW1
  • the National Temperance Hospital, Hampstead Road, NW1
  • the Euston Police Garage, Drummond Crescent, NW1

We consulted on this document between July 2008 and October 2008. All responses and comments were considered and the draft planning framework was amended accordingly.

The planning framework was adopted by the Executive (Environment) Sub-Group Committee at their meeting on 29 April 2009:

How was the Euston planning framework prepared?

The following background documents were used in the preparation of the Euston planning framework:

Where can I find out further information?

For further information on the Euston planning framework, please contact the duty planner

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