Fitzrovia area action plan

What is the Fitzrovia Area Action Plan?

We have prepared an Area Action Plan for Fitzrovia in response to continued significant pressure for development in the area.

The Fitzrovia Area Action Plan will help to shape the future of Fitzrovia by:

  • setting out a vision for the area shared by the Council, key community groups and key landowners; and
  • ensuring that growth takes place in a way that balances the need for residential, institutional and commercial uses and minimises harm to residential amenity;
  • coordinating development proposals across a number of significant sites; and
  • ensuring that growth delivers the maximum benefits to the area.

The Fitzrovia Area Action Plan was adopted on 3 March 2014

The following documents are available to download:

The following paragraphs explain the background to the FAAP and how it was prepared.

Public examination and consultation on Main Modifications

We received the Inspector's report for the Fitzrovia Area Action Plan on 6 February 2013 which is available on the examination page.

On 19 April 2013 we sent the Fitzrovia Area Action Plan to the Government for independent examination. Planning Inspector Louise Crosby MA MRTPI was appointed to examine the Area Action Plan on behalf of the Government.

As part of the examination, public hearings about the Area Action Plan were held from Tuesday 2 July to Thursday 4 July 2013. As a further part of the examination process, we proposed modifications to the Fitzrovia Area Action Plan taking into account the public representations made about the Plan up to 31 January 2013 and discussions at the public hearings. Public consultation on the proposed Main Modifications took place from Friday 27 September to Friday 8 November 2013.

You can find out more about the public examination and proposed Main Modifications on the examination page:

Consultation on Fitzrovia Area Action Plan Proposed Submission

From Thursday 6 December 2012 to Thursday 31 January 2013 we carried out formal consultation on the Proposed Submission Plan.

The Plan’s contents were summarised in the consultation leaflet below:

A detailed schedule of all the representations we received about the Proposed Submission Plan was prepared along with a consultation statement which included our responses to the comments received.

The Proposed Submission version took into account comments received during the earlier consultations. Work on each version of the Plan has been guided by a steering group including community representatives, landowners and councillors. You can find out about earlier consultations further down this page.

Background documents

Steering group meeting notes

Earlier consultations

From February to April 2012, we invited community groups, residents, landowners and businesses in Fitzrovia to comment on the working draft of the plan. We also produced a Sustainability Appraisal of the working draft.

The draft plan included four groupings of sites where there is potential to coordinate development on adjoining sites. For one of the groupings, the draft included a master plan approach and an indicative site layout (see pages 98 to 102 of the working draft). On the basis of the consultation, we modified the master plan approach and extended it to cover all four groupings. The consultation on the new set of master planning principles and 3-dimensional illustrations took place from July to September 2012.

Summaries of the comments made during the two consultations were reported to the Cabinet on 24 October 2012 and full Council on 12 November 2012, along with a new version of the Plan amended to take account of the comments received and other new information. You can find out more about what the Council considered by following these links:

How does the Area Action Plan connect to other parts of the LDF?

The Area Action Plan draws out Core Strategy visions and objectives that relate to Fitzrovia, particularly those that seek to balance business/institutional needs with those of the residential community. It will form part of our Local Development Framework and will therefore be used when we make decisions on planning applications in Fitzrovia:

Please contact us if you would like more information or to be involved:

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