Validating and registering a planning application

On receipt of a planning application, we will check that all the required information has been provided before starting the determination process.

The information below will help you understand how we validate applications and what happens after they are registered.

How are planning applications validated?

When a planning application is received, we complete a series of checks to ensure that all of the required information has been provided. A valid application comprises:

The process of validating an application typically takes three to five working days upon receipt for minor and small-scale applications and up to 10 working days for major applications.

If the planning application is deemed invalid, for example, if the supplied information is incomplete, inadequate or its quality is of concern, we will notify the applicant of our reasons in writing (or over the telephone or by email if minor issues can be addressed quickly). Applicants must then amend their application as required and resubmit it to us.

What happens after a planning application has been validated?

Once a planning application has been deemed as valid, the application will become registered and is passed on to a planning case officer.

Weekly list of new planning applications, appeals and list of public inquiry/informal hearings

Planning applications made in the last 7 days


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Where can I find out further information?

When an application is registered, this marks the start of an eight-week determination period during which we will aim to make a decision. This period may be extended to 13 weeks if the application is unusually large or complex, such as those that are particularly controversial or require conservation area consent.

Decisions on completing works to a tree located in a conservation area are generally quicker and are usually decided within six weeks.

We aim to deal with 65 per cent of applications within eight weeks.


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