Shaping services

What is shaping services?

Cuts to government funding mean that difficult decisions need to be made about how we can deliver services differently, cheaper or not at all. 

Shaping services is about understanding the real impact of changes to services on our communities and looking for ideas about how we can work together to make the best and most effective use of resources.

Shaping services workshops

In February 2011, the Office for Public Management (OPM) ran ten workshops with local service providers to talk about the impact of local and national savings proposals and to explore new ways of working together. 

Ward Councillors, GPs, head teachers, school governors, representatives from voluntary and community sector organisations, Business Improvement Districts, chairs of safer neighbourhood partnerships and council staff were invited to attend.

Seven of the workshops focused on placeshaping areas.  West Hampstead and Kilburn were discussed through a joint workshop, due to councillor and stakeholder overlap.  Workshops were also held in Hampstead and Highgate.

Overall, feedback from the workshops has been positive.  Discussions provided a useful opportunity to understand the cumulative impact of local and national savings and to talk about opportunities to work together to provide services in new, innovative, more cost effective ways.

OPM has produced a report which summarises workshop conversations, suggestions and recommendations for the future:

Next steps

We have been working with OPM to develop ideas for collaborative projects in each workshop area, based on stakeholder suggestions. 

We’ll soon be getting back in touch with workshop attendees and other local stakeholders to share our project ideas and invite them to work together to take forward workshop suggestions. 

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