Gospel Oak regeneration

Gospel Oak regeneration

Next steps for Gospel Oak regeneration

Over the next year we will continue to develop ways to invest in housing, public services and community facilities in Gospel Oak.

This is in line with the seven priorities for the area agreed with residents.

In 2016 we completed the first new Council homes for tenants to move into at Cherry Court (Bacton Low Rise).  We will be completing the first phase this spring and immediately starting work on the next phases.  Works are underway at Barrington Close and starting soon at Kiln Place estate.

Over the spring we are consulting residents in Maitland Park about the landscaping, play areas and overall phasing of the development of their estate.  We plan to start by demolishing the TRA hall.  A new TRA hall is included in the agreed scheme.

Investment into existing homes through money raised has led to hundreds of local flats being repaired, with many getting new kitchens, bathrooms or other internal works.

The Tenants and Residents Association on the Wendling estate is working with an independent facilitator to address residents’ questions about options for the estate with wider consultation taking place later this year.

Community engagement officers knocked on the doors of everyone living on the West Kentish Town estate earlier this year.  Around 80% of households responded.  People have told us what they like and don’t like about their homes and the estate, and how they would like to be involved in future.

Future development will require further investment from the Council to respond to residents’ priorities and views expressed in last year’s big consultation.  These include improved community and sports facilities, support for the Market, additional school places and health provision, as well as affordable homes, parks and open spaces.

Timetable for future consultation

No immediate decisions

The forthcoming Gospel Oak strategic framework will offer a preferred direction for Gospel Oak, emerging from the 2015 consultation.  It will address the seven agreed priorities (above).

Over the summer, we will contact local groups ahead of the consultation which will begin autumn 2017 with residents and all local groups.  This will last for six weeks and be supported by other meetings and events, similar to the previous consultation – e.g. market stall, drop-in, Area Action Group, community researchers door-knocking and bespoke meetings.

Results of the last consultation

From 19 November 2015 to 22 January 2016 we consulted residents, local businesses, community groups and other stakeholders on regeneration ideas to make the Gospel Oak area (which includes parts of Gospel Oak and Haverstock wards) a better place to live in, work in and visit.

The consultation was based on a set of priorities that were agreed with the community in 2013, which includes building new homes, making the area safer, more welcoming, and with improved open spaces, community provision and opportunities for business.

Over 9,000 consultation documents were distributed to residents, businesses and community groups and a number of events and meetings were held.  We’ve received more than 1,000 comments, from a wide range of residents.  This includes 927 formal consultation responses, and notes from 13 public meetings and 323 conversations with residents and stakeholders.

We are pleased to share with you the analysis report of the public consultation.  It was prepared by independent consultants and sets out the key outcomes from each question asked during the consultation, drawing out the main issues raised.

We are not consulting on this report, but you are welcome to stay in touch with our regeneration team as we progress towards the next consultation. 

Update on regeneration 

We will further develop ideas for the Gospel Oak area that will inform a ‘draft strategic framework’  with a means of delivery. The  ideas will reflect local needs, opportunities and priorities identified through previous consultations and engagement with the Gospel Oak community and how they can be addressed.

Since January 2011, we have been talking to residents about the six estates located in the inner Gospel Oak regeneration area (defined by Mansfield Road, Southampton Road / Malden Road, Queen’s Crescent and the railway), and Maitland Park estate in the outer area, about options for addressing investment need and delivering new council homes on their estates.

To date there have been agreed options for:

  • The demolition and redevelopment of Bacton Low Rise estate, phase one of which is on site
  • Barrington and Lamble St, Mansfield Road and the Kiln Place estate, for which planning applications have been approved
  • Maitland Park estate, phase one and two demolition and redevelopment, for which planning applications have been approved
  • The development of Wellesley Care Home, which was completed in 2015
  • Better Homes Investment in Bacton Tower, Gospel Oak 7 and 8 and planned major repairs investment in Ludham and Waxham estates

The strategic framework will build on the work that is already being undertaken and guide investment into the area over the short, medium and long term. It will also support the wider regeneration objectives to deliver improved socio-economic opportunities for local residents and investment in the public realm.

Creating the draft strategic framework

The Council will lead on the regeneration plan, involving the community to drive forward the transformation that they would like to achieve in Gospel Oak to address inequality. The Council will lead and co-ordinate the investment in Gospel Oak in the following ways:

  • Develop a strategic plan for regeneration which re-connects streets, spaces and the local community
  • Continue community-wide discussions on the impact of redevelopment on local services and infrastructure
  • Drive forward redevelopment discussions with estates

Gospel Oak priorities

Engagement period in 2013 – what you said

In 2013 we undertook a number of conversations with the community of Gospel Oak as part of our ongoing engagement. We met with a range of residents, communities and business groups in Gospel Oak to help shape the emerging strategic framework for the area.

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