Reducing the impact of HS2

Reducing the impact of HS2

We are working to ensure HS2 Ltd meets its commitments and looks for further ways to reduce the impact on Camden:

Replacement homes: Over 200 homes in the Euston area are earmarked for demolition by HS2 Ltd.
In 2018 council tenants and resident leaseholders will move into replacement homes we’re building on the Regent’s Park Estate. Find out more on our replacement housing webpages. 

Compensation: We are pushing the Government and HS2 Ltd to release details of their new construction compensation scheme. The Government agreed to develop this following the council and residents taking the issue to the House of Lords Select Committee.

Euston station: We are urging the Government to give full guarantees on timescales and funding for the comprehensive redevelopment of Euston station, integrating plans for HS2, Network Rail, Crossrail 2 and London Underground stations. In 2018 you’ll have a chance to give your views on our draft Planning Brief, which will provide guidance for development around Euston station and tracks to maximise opportunities for homes and jobs. Find out more on the Euston Area Plan website. 

Traffic and pollution: We secured commitments that will limit HS2 construction vehicle emissions, and continue to urge HS2 Ltd to look for ways to maximise materials transported by rail to reduce vehicles on our roads.

Trees: HS2 Ltd will fund the replacement of trees lost (around 500). We have planted 90 replacement trees and will plant a further 60 in winter 2018/19. HS2 Ltd is responsible for planting the remainder of trees (around 350) on land it owns. Find out more on our trees webpages. 

Green space: Green space lost includes St James’s Gardens permanently, and Euston Square Gardens for the majority of construction. HS2 Ltd committed to providing quality replacement space, some of which will be replaced as part of the HS2 scheme. We secured funding from HS2 Ltd to improve and create green spaces in impacted areas during the construction period. We asked residents for ideas for improvements in autumn 2017 and there will be further opportunities to get involved as individual projects develop.

Noise: We secured commitments that HS2 Ltd will provide noise insulation and ventilation packages to 1,300 homes that will be significantly affected by noise during construction. The Council is ensuring HS2 Ltd uses the best methods to minimise noise.

Parking: Availability of parking for residents and visitors will be reduced during construction. We are working hard to minimise disruption and have identified alternatives for parking where parking places are taken away by construction works. Find out more on our parking webpages. 

New funding: In 2018 we’re launching a fund for community projects in impacted areas using £3.5 million secured from HS2 Ltd. We have received £2.4 million from HS2 Ltd’s Road Safety Fund, and will work with residents and key organisations on safety schemes.

Temporary use of Maria Fidelis School: The Council has approved plans for the temporary use of the vacant Maria Fidelis School site on North Gower Street during construction. This includes creating temporary open space, and a Euston construction skills centre to help residents develop skills needed to access local job opportunities. We secured £4.1 million from HS2 Ltd towards the centre, expected to open in 2020. Read the report on our website. 

Business and employment: HS2 Ltd will help businesses directly impacted by demolition to relocate, and support hundreds more close to construction. Schools: HS2 Ltd committed to measures to help pupils to concentrate on studies and ensure safety on the way to and from school. We helped to negotiate the consolidation of Maria Fidelis School onto one site to reduce impacts on the school, with building of the new school well underway.

Support workers: We secured funding from HS2 Ltd for support workers for vulnerable residents.

HS2 Ltd commitments

We secured nearly 150 assurances (commitments) from HS2 Ltd during the parliamentary process that will reduce the impact of HS2 on Camden. 

 You can read assurances given to petitioners along the length of the route in HS2 Ltd’s register of undertakings and assurances

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