Camden's local list

What is a local list?

Camden’s Local List identifies historic buildings and features that are valued by the local community and that help give Camden its distinctive identity. These features make a place special for local people, they carry history, traditions, stories and memories into the present day and add depth of meaning to a modern place.

The List recognises elements of the historic environment that are not already designated in another way (for example a Listed building), but which may nonetheless contribute to a sense of place, local distinctiveness and civic pride.  These are known as ‘non-designated heritage assets’.

The Local List:

  • provides clear, comprehensive and current information about non-designated heritage assets that exist within Camden
  • helps to develop a better understanding of what local communities consider to be important in their local historic environments.
  • celebrates the rich variety of features that give Camden its unique qualities

The adopted Local List

The Local List was adopted on 21st January 2015. These are listed below including those buildings which were on the draft list but were not included on the adopted list.

The following document lists those buildings added or removed from the draft list following the public consultation of late 2013.

How was the Local List created?

Autumn 2012 - adoption of Selection Criteria

The Selection Criteria is a very important part of the Local List as it is used:

  • by the public to justify their nominations to the Local List and
  • by the council when assessing nominations.

Public consultation on our draft Selection Criteria took place from July - September 2012. Responses were reviewed before the revised Selection Criteria were adopted on 14 November 2012.

Winter 2012/early 2013 - nominations

Public consultation inviting nominations for the Local List took place November 2012 – January 2013.

There was an excellent response to the consultation with members of the public and local amenity groups nominating a variety of Camden's heritage assets including:

  • a collection of Parish boundary markers
  • a violin workshop, and several piano factories 
  • a variety Camden's parks and green spaces
  • a number of important local ‘landmark’ pubs.

Nominations were then reviewed against the Selection Criteria before being presented at the Selection Panel meeting.

Spring 2013 - assessment of nominations

Our Selection Panel met in May for a final assessment of the nominations, with the aim of producing a draft Local List ready for consultation. The Selection Panel was made up of people living/working in Camden with knowledge and expertise reflecting the range of items nominated during the public consultation – including the historic environment, architecture, community, public arts and historic landscape.

Following the Selection Panel meeting the draft Local List was prepared for public consultation.

Winter 2013 – consultation period

A six week consultation period allowed comment to be made on the draft Local List, accompanying amendments to CPG1: Design and new nominations to be made. 

Autumn 2014 – CPG1 revised 

On 3 September 2014 CPG 1 was revised to include guidance on the Local List.


The published Local List will be a fluid document and we will review and update the list periodically to respond to newly identified non-designated heritage assets and also changes to assets already identified (e.g. an asset is demolished).

What does it mean to be on the Local List?

  • Items on the Local list are identified as non-designated heritage assets.  As such, their significance will be a material consideration in planning decisions. 
  • There will be a presumption to preserve the particular significance of a non-designated heritage asset, and this will be balanced against other material considerations when assessing a planning application.
  • Being on the Local List is not the same as being ‘Listed’ in the statutory sense and a listed building consent application will not be required for works to the feature.
  • Inclusion on the Local List will not affect permitted development rights. However if we consider that works carried out under permitted development rights would result in the significance of the heritage asset being undermined, we may consider introducing an Article 4 direction to remove some or all permitted development rights
  • Applications for planning permission for works affecting an item on the Local List will be required to show how the significance of the asset has been taken into consideration in the design of the proposed works.


If you have any questions about the Local List and its production or if you would like to contribute towards the project then please get in touch:

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