Stay well and warm

During the colder months it’s important to keep warm at home, not only for your comfort but for your health. Living in a cold home can make health conditions such as asthma or cardiovascular disease much worse. Camden provides a range of advice and support to help you do this.

Top tips

There are many ways that you can make your home warmer and cheaper to heat:

  • try to keep a constant temperature of 18-21ºC (64-70ºF) in all frequented rooms. If this is not possible or affordable, keep one room warm but pre-heat the bed and bedroom before you go to bed
  • set your heating to come on just before you get up and switch off when you go to bed. In really cold weather, set your heating to come on earlier, rather than turning up the thermostat
  • keep the heat in by insulating and draught-proofing your home and lining your curtains with thermal material
  • wrap up warmly before going out – no matter how short the trip
  • make sure you have some hot food and drink every day
  • stay active – exercise will help keep you healthy and warm

Prevent damp and mould

Damp and mould growth is not only unsightly but is also damaging for your health, which can be caused by condensation. Follow our tops tips for preventing damp and mould:

  • avoid condensation by producing less moisture in your home: cover pans whilst cooking, try not to leave the kettle boiling and dry clothes outside if you can
  • keep your home well ventilated to remove excess moisture – especially in the kitchen and bathroom
  • insulate and draught proof your home
  • keep your home heated a little more
  • fix water leaks as soon as possible

Find out more in this useful guide:

Save energy, money and keep warm

For more advice on how to reduce your energy bills and make your home warmer, visit our saving energy page

Energy advice in other languages

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has produced a number of energy advice sheets in other languages and easy-read

Need help?

For more advice on how to stay well and warm and to check if you are eligible for a free home energy advice visit, speak to our friendly trained advisers at the Green Camden helpline

You can also access a wide range of services to help improve your health and wellbeing through our WISH+ (Warmth Income Safety Health) service. This includes:

  • home safety and security support
  • energy advice
  • benefits check
  • health interventions

For more information please visit WISH+

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