Camden Climate Fund

Community energy fund

Community energy is a way in which communities can own, manage and generate renewable energy systems, which brings benefits to the local community. Many successful community renewable energy projects have been developed across the UK, including Camden, however one of the main barriers to setting up new schemes is funding to pay for the measures.

The Camden Climate Fund provides funding of up to £15,000 for community energy groups to install and manage renewable energy systems that generate energy for the benefit of the local community in some form. This could be for example, solar photovoltaic panels on a building such as a community centre or school.

To find out more, download the Terms and Conditions below.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for the Camden Climate Fund: Community Energy, please complete the form below:

 You will need to provide the following when you apply:

  • A copy of the feasibility study which should include:
    • An overview of the project
    • Benefits of the project (in terms of carbon reduction and community benefit)
    • Project plan, including milestones
    • Technical details of system to be installed 
    • Permissions required
    • What engagement has taken place so far to enable the project (e.g. for permissions and local community engagement)
  • A copy of the outline/ quote from your MCS certified installer
  • If you are a:
    • Leaseholder – a letter of consent to works from your freeholder
    • Private tenant – a letter of consent to works from your landlord
    • Council leaseholder – a letter of consent to works from your ward housing office
    1. Successful applicants are required to match-fund 50% of the cost up to (and any additional costs over) £30,000.
    2. The funding covers supply and fitting of the renewable energy measures only therefore cannot fund additional necessary development costs such as feasibility studies, staff costs or VAT. The Mayor of London is offering grants to community energy groups for set-up costs through the London Community Energy Fund which could support delivery of your application.
    3. If you are not an established community energy group it is advisable to spend some time researching what is required to set up and manage a community energy project. For more information on community energy schemes, including case studies and useful documents, visit PlanLoCaL and Community Energy Hub websites for more details.
    4. Applications will be assessed on carbon reduction potential, cost, benefit to the local community and feasibility of delivery.
    5. Applications cannot be retrospective therefore you can only apply to the Camden Climate Fund before the measures have been fitted.
    6. Installations made possible through the Camden Climate Fund may not be eligible for government incentives such as the Feed in Tariff. Please contact us for more information
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