Green action for change

Green Action for Change is Camden’s 10 year environmental sustainability plan to 2020.  Green Action for Change defines the environmental goals we are seeking to achieve and encourages residents, businesses and schools to help Camden become a low carbon and low waste borough.

The key environmental issues for the borough, as set out in the Green Action for Change, are:

  • reducing Camden's carbon emissions
  • adapting to a changing climate
  • improving air quality
  • reducing, reusing and recycling waste
  • enhancing biodiversity, improving green spaces and involvement in gardening and food growing.

Green Action for Change – Fifth Review

Our Fifth Review of Green Action for Change provides a summary of progress against our 2014-16 action plan and defines a new action plan to 2018. 

How you can help

Read the plan

Read the annual reviews 

Cutting Camden's CO2 emissions by 2020

In 2010, we commissioned a study to look at ways we could achieve our commitment for a 40% borough wide carbon emission reduction by 2020. The study informed the key carbon reduction programmes in Green Action for Change, which focus on developing local heat and power networks, solid wall insulation programmes and support for residents and businesses to cut their own emissions.

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