What you can do

There are a variety of actions you can take to both reduce your exposure to poor air quality and also to reduce your own emissions, whether you’re an interested resident, school, business or developer.

You can also find out what we are doing and there are answers to lots more questions on our FAQ page.


  • Make your voice heard
Respond to Transport for London’s consultation on the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) which aims to tackle transport emissions in Camden and beyond. You can find more details on how to get involved and what our position is by downloading the document below.
  • Sign up to pollution warnings

Get free pollution warnings and health advice from airTEXT, a pollution forecasting service set up by a consortium of Camden and a number of other London boroughs.

  • Take part in our Community Air Monitoring project

To help raise awareness of local air pollution, Camden is providing fully-funded air quality monitoring equipment to residents and community groups for approved projects. For more information visit our Camden Community Air Monitoring page.

  •  Volunteer to tackle idling

Find out how you can take part in vehicle idling action days in your area of Camden and help to change drivers’ behaviour and improve the air we all breathe.

  • Protect yourself by walking or cycling

Watch our video to learn how walking and cycling exposes you to less harmful air pollution than driving. You can also find useful information and tips by visiting our walking and cycling pages.

  • Other steps you can take

Find out more about how you can reduce your exposure and your own impact on London’s air with our Frequently Asked Questions.


London Sustainability Exchange have created a free set of lesson plans based around air pollution, including opportunities for pupils to undertake their own air quality monitoring.

Camden council provides free advice to schools to help them encourage walking and cycling to school and have a positive impact on local air quality and road safety.


  • Join the Camden Climate Change Alliance

Be part of a network of over 300 businesses in Camden working to reduce your environmental impacts and costs through the Camden Climate Change Alliance.

  • Cleaner Air, Better Business

Find out more about our project with Cross River Partnership which aims to help businesses across London reduce their air quality emissions.


  • Air quality and planning

Find out more about our air quality planning requirements for new developments in Camden.

  • Camden planning

For more general information about planning in Camden, visit the planning web pages

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