Air pollution and schools

Young people are more susceptible to the impacts of air pollution, this is because their lungs are still growing and developing up to the age of 18, and because they tend to spend more time being active outdoors.

Air pollution films

We have worked with schools across the borough to raise awareness of this issue through art and film-making projects.

Films about air pollution have been created by pupils at three Camden schools, and these are being shown across London through the London Sustainability Exchange (LSX) air quality toolkit for primary schools.

In 2013, we will continue our programme of work to raise awareness of this issue with schools, and to protect pupils from exposure. In partnership with the Greater London Authority we will work closely with 2-3 schools to provide a range of measures to reduce air pollution emissions and exposure.

View the film made by pupils of Haverstock school

View the film made by pupils of St George the Martyr School

Free primary schools air pollution toolkit

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