The Mayor's Role

The origin of the office of the Mayor goes back to the days when the Mayor had much wider authority and power than they do today.

However, the importance of the position is still widely recognised and remains the highest office that the residents of Camden, through their elected representatives, can confer. The Mayor should be non-political and must be seen to represent every section of the community regardless of political persuasion.

The Mayor is the borough’s first Citizen and represents Camden at some 500 engagements during the year in addition to chairing Council meetings.

Within the borough the Mayor takes precedence over everyone apart from a member of the Royal Family.

The role of the modern Mayor is to reflect the aims and strategies of the Council.


the shields


The Mayoral Chain of Office
The chain contains 20 links, joined with a small chain top and bottom. The centre front link has a large C which stands for Camden. Of the six other links two each contain the shields of the former Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead, Holborn and St Pancras. The diamond shaped links contain a fleur-de-lys from the arms of St Pancras, a shell from the arms of Holborn and a rose from the arms of Hampstead.

The badge embodies the borough symbol of four sets of clasped hands surrounded by the words London Borough of Camden set with a topaz and decorated with a crossed sword and mace.


The motif of the Borough symbol incorporated in the badge is based on hands representing voting, giving, receiving and helping.


It symbolises the purpose and structure of local government, using communal effort for communal help.


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