Children, schools and families (CSF)


Our children, schools and families directorate provide a wide range of services and support for adults, young people and children. This ranges from schools, childcare and adult and community education to social work, youth services and fostering and adoption.

Through these challenging times we will continue to make good use of our resources to help all Camden children and families achieve the best possible outcomes.

However we know that some children and young people need more support to thrive and achieve than others. Our proposed changes prioritise services for our most vulnerable groups, especially our children in need, in care and those with additional needs and complex disabilities.

We will continue to offer high quality services for our children and young people though we will be changing and reducing some of our early years, play, youth and family support services overall.

Those who can afford to pay could be charged for some of our services, but we will continue to subsidise those who can’t afford to pay.

We will also review our range of commissioned services and also continue to review our services to schools to reduce overall costs.

Proposed changes to services

Understanding the numbers within the proposals

The savings figures within each proposal below are based on cumulative totals. This means that the figure shown in year three is the total saving to be achieved across the three years.

The savings will also be spread across different funding streams in some options. Where this occurs we have shown the amount of cumulative savings to be achieved against each funding stream as well as the cumulative total for each year. Funding streams include:

General Fund (GF). These are savings against the main revenue account.

Children, School and Families (CSF) grants – these are savings to be achieved against ring fenced grants within CSF. This means that the grants can only be spent on activities determined by central government and so any savings against these also need to be shown separately.

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