Data Protection in Camden - your rights

Right to be informed

Camden must tell you a number of things when we obtain personal data from you. The GDPR gives a list of information we must tell you when we get your information from a third party.  

Information we need to tell you is on our website in our Privacy Notice. We will usually also give you relevant information in a leaflet, in a consent form (where we use consent) or by referring you to a web page when we collect information from you.

The list of information is:
  • the identity of the data controller 
  • the contact for our Data Protection Officer:
  • the legal basis for the council to process your personal data, which is the list of conditions Camden Council meets for processing personal data, and where it is special category data also the list of conditions it meets for processing special category data.
  • the purposes (reasons why) we process the data, 
  • how long we keep it for, 
  • who we will share data with or disclose it to,
  • details about any personal data we transfer out of the EEA  
  • details of data subject rights (which links back to this page) and your rights to complain the regulator (the ICO)
  • if Camden is relying on a  legal obligation to provide data, we will detail the consequences of a failure to supply it  
  • where we receive personal data from third parties – people who aren’t you or the Council. The Privacy Notice explains who these are.

The full list and all the information we need to give you is on our website.

There are some exemptions to this, for example, where we are receiving information from a source to do with crime and disorder, we do not need to tell you.

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