Data Protection in Camden - your rights

What rights does the new law give me and how do I exercise them?

The new laws gives people a number of rights about how the council can exercise their personal data.  The GDPR refers to these rights as ‘data subject rights’. You can find out about the GDPR rights at the ICO website.

The rights are summarised below.  If you want to exercise the rights please read the sections below and then complete the web form below, giving us as much information as possible about what you want us to do and why.  We will acknowledge your request within 2 working days and then contact you within 2 weeks if we need to ask for ID or to get more information from you.   

Data Subject Rights:

There is more information on these pages about each of the rights, how to exercise them and what conditions might apply.

These areas apply to every data subject right:  

  • All communications Camden Council sends you about the rights need to be in clear and plain language.
  • Identification: Camden Council must take all reasonable steps to make sure you are who you say you are.  This means that unless we are already sure of your identity, we will ask for one photo identification and one recent proof of address when you ask to exercise a right.   
  • Time limits: once we have enough information to be sure of your identity and be clear what you are asking for, the DPA gives us one calendar month to respond to your request.  We can extend this time by 2 calendar months if the request is complex or you are exercising several of your data subject rights at once.  We will let you know within one month if this is the case.   We will also acknowledge your request within 2 working days so you know we have received it.  
  • Electronic information: if you have made your request by email or webform and given us an email address, we will assume that you are happy for us to reply to you and provide any information you have requested by email.    We will do this unless you ask for it by post.  We will send any personal information to you by secure email. If you ask for it to be sent by post we will send it special delivery so you will have to sign for it.  It is best for us to send information to you by secure email, it also uses less paper and you won’t have to wait at home for a delivery. 
  • Fee: there is no fee to exercise any of the data subject rights.  However, the GDPR says that if Camden Council decides that your request is ‘unfounded’ or ‘manifestly excessive’ it can charge a fee.  Unfounded means that there is no good reason to make the request.  Manifestly excessive means that the request is obviously  disproportionate or far too large to be reasonable.  The fee we will charge will take account of the costs to Camden in responding.   We will contact you before we charge a fee to discuss how you could change your request to stop it being unfounded or manifestly excessive.
  • Refusing requests: the GDPR allows the council to refuse your request if it is unfounded or manifestly excessive.  In most cases we will contact you before we refuse a request to discuss how you could change your request to stop it being refused.

How you can exercise any of the Data Subject Rights:

Before you contact us, you might find it helpful to read the information below which explains the rights in more detail, sets out some of the conditions that we must follow and the exemptions that may apply.  You can find more information on the ICO website

These are the ways to contact us to exercise your data subject rights:

Data Protection Officer 
London Borough of Camden 
Information and Records Management 
Judd Street 

Please note: it is quicker for you to use the web form or email.
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