Local Election Results 7th May 1998

Adelaide / Bloomsbury / Belsize / Brunswick

The overall turnout for the 7th May 1998 local elections was 33.4%.


2 Conservative gains from Labour

Turnout: 38.7%

Candidate name Party Votes
Julian J Tobin CON 960
Andrew Marshall CON 929
Piers Wauchope CON 868
Sadashivrao Deshmukh LAB 796
Harriet Garland LAB 768
Deborah Sacks LAB 746
Mark Finney LD 384
Pamela Collis LD 383
Madhvi Natt LD 308


No change

Turnout: 27.4%

Candidate name Party Votes
Patricia Callaghan LAB 1050
Nirmal Roy LAB 908
Jake Turnbull LAB 777
Barbara Douglass CON 626
Mark Haley CON 538
Ian Nottingham CON 472
John Ward LD 468
Philip Moser LD 455
Gerald Wall LD 410
Nicki Kortvelyessy GREEN 280


No change

Turnout: 35.2%

Candidate name Party Votes
Ewan Cameron CON 760
Huntly G. Spence CON 731
Aileen Hammond LAB 711
Jonathan Bucknell CON 705
David Taggart LAB 650
Jake Sumner LAB 624
Pauline Marriott LD 587
Dudley Miles LD 522
Ronald Watts LD 455
Phyllis Eyres GREEN 290


No change

Turnout: 31.2%

Candidate name Party Votes
Brian C. Weekes LAB 653
Edward Cousins LAB 601
Kenneth Avery CON 443
Philip Norman CON 376
Penelope Jones LD 286
Robert Whitley GREEN 258
Stanley Parker SOC PARTY 58
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