Local By-Elections Since May 1998

HAVERSTOCK 20th February 2003 Turnout 23.24%
Candidate Party Result
Jill Fraser Liberal Democrat 746
Sarah Gillam The Green Party 112
Peter Horne Conservative Party 318
Sydney Platt Socialist Alliance 84
Paul Thomson The Labour Party 484


CAMDEN TOWN WITH PRIMROSE HILL 20th June 2002 Turnout 27.8%
Candidate Party Result
Jake Thomas Sumner Labour 652
John Lefley Liberal Democrat 594
Gloria Pearl Lazenby Independent 516
Peter John Horne Conservative 392
Lucy Katherine Wills Green 98


SWISS COTTAGE 22nd April 1999 Turnout 23.8%
Candidate Party Result
Honora Morrissey CON 705
Deborah Sacks LAB 557
Rex Warrick LD 158
John Macdonald LAB ACTIVIST 126
Douglas Earl GREEN 69
Farshtchi Akhavan IND 45


ADELAIDE 3rd February
Turnout 19.4%
Candidate Party Result
Peter Horne CON 655
Theodore Blackwell LAB 250
Pamela Collis LD 176
Douglas Earl GREEN 46

BLOOMSBURY 28th September 2000 Turnout 14.5%
Candidate Party Result
Peter Brayshaw LAB 495
Patsy Prince CON 476
Edward Simmons LD 82
Kate Gordon GREEN 65

FROGNAL 25th January 2001 Turnout 18.8%
Candidate Party Result
Michael J. Greene CON 537
Marie E. Bardsley LAB 198
Martin P. Wright LD 98
Ceinwen M. Jones GREEN 23
Antoine J. Clarke INDEPENDENT
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