Absent voting (Proxy and postal voting)

Applying for someone else to vote on your behalf (proxy voting)

If you can't vote at an election in person, you can apply to vote by proxy (someone else voting on your behalf). There are several ways you can do this, they are detailed in the documents below:

All postal voters have to provide some personal details in order to make postal voting at elections secure and guard against fraud. As part of this process all postal vote applications must include a signature and date of birth.

Applying to vote by post

The information on the forms is stored electronically and used to compare against the signature and date of birth given on the statement to be returned with your postal vote at all elections.

These arrangements started in 2007 and all existing and new postal voters from 1 January 2007 had to provide a new application with their date of birth and signature. In order to continue to be valid, applications need to be renewed every five years in January. This current set of renewals took place on 18 January 2013 for applications received between February 2007 and January 2008.


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