Your council tax, business rates and housing benefit details online

When you register online for my revenues and benefits, you can view details of:

  • council tax or business rates
  • housing benefit or council tax reduction


This system is not available between 5pm Sunday evenings until 1.30am Monday mornings for routine maintenance.

I am not registered - how do I register?

You can use the online registration form to register for my revenues and benefits.

Once you have registered, we will send you a user ID and password by post. You will be able to change your user ID and password once you have logged in.

What can I use the system for?

If you receive housing benefit or council tax reduction from Camden, you can use my revenues and benefits to:

  • view details of your benefits
  • check when a payment is due
  • check what you have been paid and when
  • tell us of any changes

If you pay council tax or business rates to Camden, you can use my revenues and benefits to:

  • check when your council tax or business rates are due
  • check what discounts are being applied
  • change your payment method
  • use the online forms to tell us of changes
  • apply for a discount or exemption online

Want to pay for council tax, business rates or repay an housing benefit overpayment? Use the online payment service.

I am a landlord - how can I use the system?

You can use the system to check where the housing benefit is paid directly to you. Once you have registered, and received your user name and password, you will be able to -

  • check when a payment is due
  • see what payments have been made
  • tell us about any changes

We have now introduced a service that allows you to receive your housing benefit payment schedules and housing benefit notifications electronically, rather than by post.

You can request e-schedules and e-notifications when you register as a landlord with my revenues and benefits. These will then be sent to you as a PDF (portable document format) attachment to your chosen email address. You will be helping us to save money and paper and you will receive the schedules and notifications quicker.

Is the system secure?

The information is stored in a secure, encrypted database. Encryption is the process that securely scrambles information for your protection.

We recommend that you always use some form of privacy protection when using the internet for any purpose.

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