Homelessness and your data

The Homelessness Reduction Act was brought into effect throughout England on 3rd April 2018.

 As part of putting this new Act into practice, Local Authorities have been asked to provide the Government with some specific data in order to help them with a study called: ‘Understanding more about what causes homelessness and how well homelessness services meet peoples’ needs’

Below is the advice that the Ministry of Housing and Local Government have issued in order to explain what they will be using this data for. 

The information is being collected by them to help them to try to identify and address the causes of homelessness in the UK. 

They have advised that this information will only be used for research purposes and that no personal names/details will be used, so you will not be identified in any results of their study. They also say that the information you provide will not be used by them to make any decisions about what benefits you get, services you use, now or in future, or used to identify fraud.  

They have given details of who to contact if you do not wish your data to be used in the advice below, and you can also speak to a member of our Housing Options Team if you require more details. 

The advice below is from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government about their study.

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