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Transport Strategy (Camden Council)

London Borough of Camden 5th Floor, 5 Pancras Square c/o Town Hall, Judd Street London WC1H 9JE
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Responsible for street policy, public safety and management of 2 funding programmes relating to the Mayor of London's transport budget, the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) and the Borough Spending Plan (BSP). The Street Policy Service covers traffic management strategies and programmes, public transport, walking and cycling, safer routes to school, home zones and traffic calming, casualty reduction and statistical analysis, controlled parking and streetscape design, new initiatives such as Crossrail, the Cross River Tram and Congestion Charging. The Public Safety Section (Contact Richard Riddle Phone: 020 7974 5619 Email provides road safety education to schools and adults, cycle training to adults and children, roadside pedestrian training for children, school crossing patrols and works with older people to improve home safety.

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Information taken from Cindex local information database
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