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Strategic Planning and Implementation Team (Camden Council Placeshaping Service)

London Borough of Camden 2nd Floor, 5 Pancras Square c/o Town Hall, Judd Street London WC1H 9JE
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020 7974 4444
020 7974 1930

Responsible for strategic and local planning policy, information and implementation. Prepares, monitors and reviews the Local Development Framework (LDF), which includes Camden's core strategy and development policy documents. Prepares supplementary planning documents (SPDs) giving detailed guidance on the implementation of the Council's planning policies. Gives advice and support to communities on Neighbourhood Planning across the borough. Prepares Place Plans for placeshaping areas of focus and oversees their implementation. Not responsible for the Site Allocations LDF document, which is prepared by the Sites Team. Not responsible for general planning information: please contact the Planning Consultation and Advice Team.

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Information taken from Cindex local information database
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