Camden Fairtrade Network

Bringing Fairtrade into the community

The Fairtrade Foundation, which certifies products as Fairtrade, runs campaigns in partnership with local communities to raise awareness and understanding of trade issues and to promote Fairtrade. These campaigns are focused on Fairtrade towns, schools, universities, workplaces and places of worship.

Each campaign has a set of goals and receives a certificate from the Fairtrade Foundation when they are achieved.

Goals vary according to the type of campaign but include:

  • statement of policy and commitment from authoritative body
  • Fairtrade tea and coffee and other foods to be served at meetings
  • Fairtrade products to be made available in retail or catering outlets
  • events and activities to promote Fairtrade and attract media coverage
  • steering group established to continue the campaign

The Fairtrade Towns movement is the best known, and includes villages, towns, cities, islands and boroughs. Camden is a Fairtrade borough participating in the London Fairtrade Campaign.

The Camden Fairtrade Network includes a number of community groups and organisations, local businesses and educational establishments engaged in Fairtrade campaigns.

Examples include:

Many of Camden’s churches and other places of worship serve Fairtrade tea and coffee at meetings and after services. Several also promote Fairtrade products and Trade Justice campaigns at special events.

London School of Economics is a Fairtrade University while the Institute of Education serves Fairtrade goods and is applying for Fairtrade status.

The French Club @ Belsize Library and Marylebone Birdwatching Society serve Fairtrade refreshments at their meetings.

The Kings Cross Brunswick Neighbourhood Association (KCBNA) and Women and Health in Camden Town provide Fairtrade tea and coffee for all who use their centres and catering at the Girl Guide Centre Pax Lodge includes Fairtrade cereal bars, chocolate, sugar, fruit juice, coffee and tea.

For details of how to become a Fairtrade school, University or place of worship or to make a workplace pledge to use Fairtrade see

And please remember to let the Camden Fairtrade Network know about your Fairtrade events and activities.


For more information please contact the Camden Fairtrade Network

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