Voluntary and community sector (VCS) investment and support programme 2012 to 16

VCS Investment and Support Programme 2012-2016

Camden is home to a particularly large and diverse voluntary and community sector (VCS), with approximately 2500 organisations based in the borough. Camden also has one of the most engaged local populations in London, with around a quarter of residents who regularly give their time to help others.

In recognition of this, and the important role VCS organisations and communities continue to play in rising to the social challenges and opportunities in Camden, we made £6.5m investment and support available per annum between 2012 and 2015, with an extension of some grants and contracts to March 2016.  

Camden’s approach is about more than just financial support – it is about nurturing a new type of relationship with our local VCS partners that is based on unlocking and recognising the value of our local voluntary sector, and the potential that we can achieve together as equal partners.

To this end our programme (2012-2016) was designed to deliver against four ‘guiding principles’:

  • Fostering a more collaborative and equal working relationship between the council   and the VCS
  • Focusing support (financial or otherwise) on success and innovation
  • A commitment to measuring outcomes and understanding what works and why
  • Promoting sustainable income streams for Camden’s local VCS.

More details of this programme and the projects funded:

These funds are now closed to new applications.

An independent evaluation of the programme can be found here:


Full Report

For information on other sources of  funding : Funding Opportunities for Organisations

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