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The new Camden Council Voluntary and Community Sector Investment Programme 2017-2024: Strategic Partner Fund: Neighbourhoods and Equalities

After a year of engagement events with the voluntary sector, in autumn 2015 the Council held a formal consultation on a proposed new Voluntary and Community Sector Investment Programme 2017-2024. In December the Council’s Cabinet approved a £5.1m annual investment programme beginning in 2017.

More information about the engagement, consultation and the proposals approved by the Cabinet (item 10).

Many councils are cutting such investment to zero so this is a major expression of the Council’s belief in the local voluntary sector’s expertise, trust and connections with residents and proven ability to innovate and stimulate self-directed community resilience.

The Council recognises that the sector gives voice to residents, encourages civic participation, builds local social capital by bonding similar people together and bridging different groups, mobilises volunteers and other resources, including major funds from trusts, businesses, individuals, philanthropists and profit-making enterprise. The sector also spends much of its turnover locally, often employs local people and develops the skills of local volunteers.

The new programme aims to build on these assets, while also focussing investment more closely on the changing pattern of need across the borough. It includes a Strategic Partner Fund which has two parts: Neighbourhoods and Equalities.

Organisations can only apply to one part of the Strategic Partner Fund, Neighbourhoods or Equalities.

Aims of the Strategic Partner Fund: Neighbourhoods

  • Maximise the use of existing strengths, assets and resources within the Investment Zones for the benefit of local residents
  • Improve life chances and opportunities for residents to ensure that they are not held back because of background, circumstance or identified community
  • Increase opportunities for residents from different backgrounds to be more connected and more involved in local social action, to help themselves and each other

Aims of the Strategic Partner Fund: Equalities

Ensure mainstream services deliver for all, prioritising race (black and minority ethnic and refugee communities), sex (women) and sexual orientation (lesbian, gay & bisexual communities) equalities characteristics by:
  • Identifying and tackling the barriers faced by the above groups
  • Identifying ways to increase access
  • Increase levels of participation, social action and influence in civic society by those communities currently underrepresented
  • Improve life chances and opportunities for residents to ensure they are not held back because of background, circumstance or identified community

A reduction in investment to the sector has necessitated prioritising this fund to those characteristics which do not currently receive direct investment from the Council as a whole. This is to ensure, as far as possible, effective services for all characteristics.

The equalities groups prioritised are:

  • Race (black and minority ethnic and refugee communities)
  • Sex (women)
  • Sexual orientation (lesbian, gay and bisexual communities)

Strategic Partner Fund: Projects

Following the allocation of the Strategic Partner Fund there were still some gaps in certain areas where no Strategic Partner had been identified. The decision was made to commission projects which would invest in outcomes for residents in these areas – these are known as the Strategic Partner: Projects

Please note: this fund is now closed for applications

Successful Organisations

Information and useful documents for successful organisations can be found on the Strategic Partners Fund: Neighbourhoods and Equalities page

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