Meet some of our local volunteers

Elfrida Rathbone Camden supports young people with a disability to volunteer in a wide range of settings. This is a fantastic opportunity for young disabled people to gain tailored training to prepare them for a voluntary role in the community.  Young people have found that it’s a great way to improve confidence, self-esteem and work preparedness, and to help them feel useful and a part of the community. This is what some of them are doing.

Chelsea: Young Ambassador at MENCAP and Volunteer at JW3 Community Centre

Chelsea took part in big Mencap event.  She helped out on the stands, collected money and gave out information about Mencap. Chelsea also baked “Challah for Hunger” in JW3 which was sold to raise money to help people.

Jasmine and Jenny : Volunteers at Oxfam Charity Shop

Jasmine and Jenny volunteer at the Camden Oxfam Shop. They sort out jewellery, organises books, steams and arranges clothes and designs the window displays.

Mohib: Volunteer as a Chef Assistant at OneKX Cafe

Mohib volunteers at OneKX cafe. He prepares food, uses the till, does the washing up and looks after the customers.

Shelena: Young Ambassador at MENCAP, Pegha's Mentor, Now in Paid Employment in YPFI.

Shelena worked as a mentor during the SUV training. She became a Youth Ambassador at Mencap and then got the job of Forum Leader for YPFI (Young People For Inclusion) where she is raising awareness about disability.

Soyfur: Volunteer at Kenwood House

Soyfur volunteers at Kenwood House as an 'Explainer'. He talks to visitors, answers their questions and tells stories about the house and the collection.

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