Capacity building support for Camden’s voluntary and community sector

Camden Council recognises that the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) faces difficulties in the context of unprecedented financial challenges and huge changes in the landscape of public and VCS delivery. The Council recognises and values the role of capacity building services in ensuring that the borough has a robust, diverse and capable VCS that can meet changing needs and market demands.

The Council has decided to commission capacity building services on an interim basis whilst it explores with stakeholders including the VCS what type of capacity building services to commission in the longer term. So for now the following services are available to Camden’s VCS through Voluntary Action Camden.

Organisational development support to VCS with income of less than £100,000

  • Signposting to a range of support and information
  • Diagnostic and organisational development support through face-to-face consultancy (eg on governance, policies, constitution, employment)
  • Bi-monthly funding application workshops
  • In depth one-to-one bid-writing support

For more information on very small voluntary groups or “microproviders” visit the Microproviders webpage

New and unfunded organisations

If you are in the process of forming a new voluntary or community group or are interested in finding out more about what services and funding are available to you in Camden, we recommend you visit Voluntary Action Camden which is funded by Camden to help groups or you can email them at

Policy/foresight support to support the VCS to be responsive in its planning and delivery

  • One detailed briefing on a relevant policy issue disseminated to the VCS each     quarter
  • One policy related seminar for the VCS each quarter
  • Weekly e-bulletin

This will be provided by VAC. For more information or to join the mailing list please ring 020 7284 6555

Free HR training workshops for Camden voluntary and community groups

Many small to medium sized organisations do not have the resources to directly purchase HR support on an ongoing basis. In our experience, badly handled employment issues in small to medium sized organisations can destabilise the organisation and affect its delivery.
A good robust HR function enables organisations to be more sustainable by strengthening the leadership of an organisation, supporting staff, trustees and volunteers effectively and by preventing crises.
The Communities and Third Sector team at Camden Council are pleased to be able to offer Camden voluntary and community groups based and delivering services to Camden residents a series of HR training workshops. The workshops are free and will take place between 9.45 and 1pm.
The workshops are for managers and trustees of voluntary and community groups based and delivering services in Camden

The workshops will be run by Shirley Briggs.

Shirley is an independent HR consultant. Her background is in social housing where she worked as a HR manager for a number of large housing associations. She managed the PEACe (HR) service at LVSC from 2006-2016 supporting many hundreds of voluntary and community organisations with HR and employment law advice, consultancy and training. She is also a trained workplace mediator.

Future workshops

Managing Restructure - Wednesday 15th March 2017

Many voluntary and community organisations are considering some kind of restructuring in response to the current economic climate. This might include closing a team, amalgamating core functions, general downsizing or some sort of relocation.
You will learn how to:

  • Recognise what areas should be considered before undertaking a  restructuring exercise
  • Communicate effectively with employees throughout the restructuring process
  • Motivate and retain employees’ address changes to organisational structure  
  • Manage changes in roles, responsibilities and workloads

To book a place onto this workshop then please click on the following link:

Managing Difficult Conversations at Work - Wednesday 12th April 2017

Most of us dislike confrontation; we sometimes avoid it which can often lead to even more difficulty, misunderstandings and possible conflict.
In the current climate of continued economic uncertainty, we may find ourselves working with reduced budgets, constant organisational change and ongoing performance issues, as people try to make sense of all this.
As a supervisor, team leader, manager, director or trustee you may find yourself faced with having to conduct a number of difficult conversations either with your entire team, or with individuals within it.
This practical, participative workshop will allow you to discuss those issues in a confidential and safe environment, where you will have opportunity to try out different approaches and techniques with your colleagues to get the best outcome.

  • To give constructive feedback without causing offence
  • To develop a structure for running effective conversations
  • To deal with emotional reactions during those conversations
  • To choose a conflict resolution style that is more likely to achieve a successful outcome
  • To manage yourself in a calm, professional and ‘adult’ way.

To book a place onto this workshop then please click on the following link:

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