Camden Apprenticeships offer support to employers in and around Camden to set up apprenticeship schemes and recruit the best people for their business.

With an apprenticeship you can enhance your workforce. 89% of employers say that the enthusiasm of their apprentices makes their business more productive, and that higher and degree level apprenticeships allow apprentices to access technical skills that are vital to performance and business growth.

An apprenticeship also offers the opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to your business, attracting new talent and offering progression and development to a skilled and qualified workforce. They also help lower recruitment costs.  

Benefits of apprentices

  • statistics show that apprentices have excellent retention rates, being loyal to the organisation where they were trained, reducing turnover
  • 79% of employers say apprentices quickly deliver a positive return on investment
  • it’s a great development opportunity for staff who aren’t in management roles to supervise and mentor apprentices
  • 92% of businesses say that teamwork and interpersonal skills were improved by apprenticeship programmes
  • 84% of employers believe problem-solving and analytical thinking skills were enhanced through the schemes

How Camden Apprenticeships can help

Whether you already employ apprentices, or you’re looking to start, it’s worthwhile letting Camden Apprenticeships know. We offer free support to apprenticeship employers, including:

  • an effective recruitment process to source, match and screen the best range of candidates to suit the needs of your organisation
  • matching you with an appropriate training provider to ensure the highest levels of training to fully develop the skills of your apprentice
  • an apprenticeships broker who will support you and the apprentice for the duration of the apprenticeship
  • additional pastoral support for apprentices if required

 Why not check out our online self-service tool to find out more information about employing apprentices, and tell us what you’re looking for? A member of the team will then be in touch to see how we can help you.

Alternatively, get in touch with us directly by calling 020 7974 8778 or 3463

Legislation in 2017

This year the government are introducing two  legislative changes to encourage the uptake of apprenticeships and vocational learning, these are:

  • the Enterprise Act, which requires public sector workplaces to increase their intake of apprentices to make up 2.3% of their overall workforce
  • the Apprenticeship Levy which requires all businesses with a pay bill over £3million to pay a percentage of their earnings back to central government for training. You can earn some of this money back in the form of apprentice training contracts.  

We are very keen to hear from employers who would like to make the most of this untapped talent! For more information, please check out our online self-service tool or directly contact Camden apprenticeships.

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