Preparing to work with Camden

As well as ensuring you are registered on Compete For, we are keen for suppliers who are planning to deliver goods or services for Camden to understand what it means to work with us.

We have created a guide for suppliers to understand how to work with us. 

The Council has developed a voluntary charter for our suppliers to sign up to. The charter is important to us as it enables us to meet our Camden Plan priorities in terms of promoting local economic growth. It also helps us cement stronger working relationships with our suppliers in the delivery of high quality services and economic growth to our residents. Our suppliers are encouraged to read our charter and select the areas they think they can make a difference to residents and businesses in the borough. We are looking for suppliers to maximise local supply opportunities to local businesses and employment and skills opportunities to Camden residents. More details on our Voluntary Charter

Before submitting proposals to Camden

All our business is done with the aim of achieving value for money.  We might use simple competitive processes, such as quotations - or more formal tender processes. It is important that if you want to work with us you understand how we plan our procurement, which we outline in our alerts so that you can prepare for working with us.
Whichever way we are procuring, we always allow reasonable time for you to respond, and also give you clear information on how we plan to test your proposals.  In preparing to put your proposals together, we advise that you:

  • TIME - give yourself time to understand the tender.
  • CLARITY - read through the alert or advertisement, requirements or specification carefully before deciding to bid.
  • KEY DATES - quickly identify the key dates for the procurement; the closing date, when and where you will need to submit your proposals, for example if a specific website other than our online tendering system is being used.
  • QUERIES - ask questions where you do not understand the service we want fully; we will usually explain when you can do this – this is sometimes called “clarifications”.
  • RESPONDING - think about the information that we need from you – the questions we ask in our procurements are designed to highlight what matters to us in terms of services, quality and how we expect to work with you.
  • SKILLS - look at the skills and resources you have available that fit our requirements, it is these skills that we will evaluate when selecting suppliers to work with us.
  • TERMS - understand the terms and conditions we use, so you have a sense of how we wish to work. 
  • RESPONSE - and of course, you give us your best offer in your tender or proposals, as we can only make decisions on the information you submit.

We understand that tendering to work with us may be daunting if you have never done so before.  We work with our suppliers to check on the way we work to make it easier and more accessible.  We want to give you the best opportunity to make your case to work with us.  We also provide local suppliers with further support, take a look at out support for local suppliers page.

For certain procurements we will also hold open days or market engagement sessions.  These sessions will give you the opportunity to hear about specific contract opportunities, and on occasion categories of services that we are planning to procure. 

Contract management and monitoring performance

We continuously work at improving our performance and we expect suppliers to do the same.

There are procedures in place for monitoring the performance of all main contractors and sub-contractors doing work for the Council. All companies are monitored to assess their compliance with standard performance criteria. We outline our contract management and monitoring requirements in our specifications when we buy goods and services.

Contract conditions are to be strictly adhered to especially with regard to quality, health and safety, and general performance.

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