Contracts and Opportunities with Camden

Contracts and opportunities

There are simple ways to find out, how, with whom and when we spend our money. 

Using e-Procurement Tools

Like most local authorities, Camden is moving towards online systems for advertising and tendering for all contracts. Our business units are working to encourage companies to register on these websites if they want to do business with us.

We see the benefits of e-procurement as:

  • giving you the option to sign up for contract alerts
  • saving you time when completing tenders and quotes for work. Most systems only require you to provide your basic details once
  • offering you secure messaging to communicate with us about your tenders
  • removing courier costs and printing costs and their environmental impact by working online only
  • giving us both greater audit ability and control

Once you have registered you can pick which opportunities you hear about and get an email alert when we advertise a contract in an area you are interested in.

How we use Compete For

As part of our Camden First programme we will be using a portal called Compete For to alert suppliers where we wish to share contract opportunities. Our use of Compete For provides us with access to a wide, diverse supplier base, and the tools to shortlist suppliers to meet the needs of specific contract opportunities.

Camden as partners with Compete For has set up a home page for suppliers. We will publish our contract opportunities through this portal for eligible services from £5k upwards. We will use the portal to match suppliers to the criteria for each contract, or to notify suppliers of larger contract opportunities where we follow EU Procurement procedures.

You can get help with registering with Compete For here, or if you wish to discuss how to prepare to respond to contract opportunities a range of support to help you become ‘fit to supply’ is available.

Online tendering

For all contracts we will use our online e-tendering system, unless otherwise indicated. We use online tendering for contracts where we want to share our contract and tender requirements using a secure portal, whilst also giving suppliers the chance to provide their proposals securely in a managed online environment.

When using our online tendering system you may also be asked to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). We use a PQQ to help us identify suitable suppliers to deliver our contracts. We have a duty to ensure that we select suppliers that have the financial, technical or professional requirements needed to provide goods, services and works. We use a simplified PQQ (based on an agreed London-wide local authority standard template), for all contracts over £100k in line with our strategy to support organisations – to view an example of the PQQ, see “documents” to the right of this page.

Once you have entered your organisation’s information into our online tendering system it will be retained and removes the need of inputting it each time you bid for our contract opportunities.

You can register online (choose new supplier registration). A simple supplier user guide is available here

Look at our Contracts register

We keep a contracts register, showing all our contracts over £25k. By reviewing this register for Camden contracts you can see our current contracts, and when they will end.

You can browse the contracts register in three ways:

  • By organisation: use this search to show you a list of regional partnerships and individual local authorities that have contracts.  Camden contracts can be found by clicking on our name, showing you a full list of all the contracts we have registered.
  • By category: all the contracts on the register are categorised according to what is being supplied. The categories link takes you to a list of the top level categories - by clicking on the category you are interested in, you can search all the contracts within that category.  It also shows the sub categories, which you can search as well.
  • All contract search: allows you to search all the contracts on the site.

Next steps

Now you understand how we issue contracts and opportunities it is important to think about preparing to work with Camden

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