Skip licences


It is a compulsory requirement that only the skip company can make the application for both the skip licence and the parking suspension. Applications from individuals, residents and agents will not be accepted.

  • Applicants must apply for a parking bay suspension for the duration the skip is on-street at a cost of £28.74 per day plus an administration fee of £66.41
  • Applicants must purchase a skip licence for a minimum of two weeks at £45.04 or maximum of four weeks at £78.80, despite how long the skip will be required for
  • All skips licence and parking suspension applications must be received five working days prior to the start date of the skip licence/suspension. This will accommodate a two day advanced warning period for the parking suspension and a three day processing period

Apply for a skip licence

Skip companies must obtain a permit to place a builder's skip on a public road from us. We issue permits for skips under the Highways Act 1980.

All skip licences purchased must be accompanied by a corresponding parking bay suspension. The parking suspension must cover the number of days for which the skip will remain on-street. Please note that although you are required to purchase a two or four  week skip licence, you are only required to suspend the parking space for the exact number of days, for which, the skip will be on-street.

Skips can easily cause damage to the footway. To protect the integrity of the highway we will only give permission to place skips on roads.

Only under exceptional circumstance would we allow skips larger that eight cubic yard (a standard builders’ skip) as this is around the same size a standard parking space.

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