Corporate social responsibility


Want to socially invest in Camden? Give Camden

Sponsored by The London Community Foundation, Give Camden is a coalition of charities aiming to make it easy for you and your business to support local Camden charities and community groups.

Contact Naomi Howgate on 020 7582 5117.

Looking to create a CSR strategy and get mentoring from like-minded organisations?

Try Heart of the City, which provides free support to businesses wanting to start or further develop a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. CSR encompasses community support such as volunteering, reducing your environmental impact, improving your employee's wellbeing and sustainable procurement. Support is provided via a series of workshops, business mentoring, 100+ online resources and a dedicated project manager.

Try Business in the Community, a business-led charity focused on promoting responsible business practice. Members work together to transform communities by tackling issues where business can make a real difference. Members gain practical support to help them to integrate responsible business practices wherever they operate.

Want more information, and promotion, for your small business?

Try Trading for Good, a digital service helping small businesses improve their reputation and grow their business by showcasing the good work they do in their communities.

It also gives free advice to local businesses to help them get involved in socially responsible projects.

Want a range of volunteering opportunities?

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