Corporate social responsibility

Motivating your workforce

Why is it important to Camden?

  • We have over 25,000 businesses that call Camden home. We want you to be a success. And that means retaining and attracting the best staff and feeling connected to your local area. 
  • 6,796 (60%) pupils in Camden primary schools and 4,731 (47%) pupils in Camden secondary schools in January 2008 had English as an additional language. CSR can include reading buddies and mentors to support school children. 
  • In Camden in February 2012, 1,460 people were claiming income support for carers. 21% of people who are economically inactive nationally spend time caring for someone.
  • With rising costs of living, especially in London, CSR can include businesses paying the London Living wage to support residents to have a decent quality of life.

What could we do?

An employee in London paid less than £8.55 an hour will be living in poverty, even after benefits and tax credits are taken into account. Earnings needed to cover basic living costs have risen more for families with children than for other groups such as single people.

Camden Council has committed to ensuring all staff working for contractors are paid London Living Wage.

  • London Citizens offer advice to businesses on how to implement the London Living Wage and also an accreditation scheme for those businesses that commit to paying it for all employees.

Give online through payroll or fundraising

The website has been created to help small groups to raise funds online and to give an easy way for people to donate directly to the local causes they care about.

  • By volunteering in training sessions your staff can learn more about local causes right on their doorstep, and help local Camden charities to acquire valuable fundraising know-how
  • For £5,000 your staff can support 8 local charities to get them online at, boost their fundraising efforts and match up to £400 that each charity raises
  • You and your staff can use to support a portfolio of local causes through direct donations through payroll, fundraising and volunteering
  • For more information contact Naomi Howgate on 0207 582 5117
  • To donate direct to Camden charities, you can use our pages which list a range of ways to donate to Camden charities

Give time and expertise

If you and your staff want to share your professional skills and make a difference to the local community, Volunteer Centre Camden can help ensure that you make just the sort of contribution that your staff will enjoy, grow from and remember.

  • Join the Volunteer Bank and share professional skills such as marketing, business planning or accounting with different charities in short 2-hour placements as an expert consultant
  • Become a Charity Trustee and contribute to the strategic leadership of local charities (full training is given)
  • Organise a staff team challenge with a twist – in a day-long workshop your staff will receive mentoring training then help long-term unemployed people refine their CVs and gain valuable interview experience
  • For more information contact Volunteer Centre Camden

Support and encourage staff with caring responsibilities to stay in your organisation

Research shows that using a flexible employment and recruitment approach achieves impressive business benefits such as increased retention of staff, increased productivity and performance and reduced sick leave and absenteeism. One of the best things is that you maintain your diverse workforce and are rewarded with motivated, loyal staff who can more easily juggle work and home commitments. Some examples are:

  • Flexible working e.g. flexi-time, home working, annualised hours, compressed hours, shift swapping, self-rostering, staggered hours, job sharing, term-time working, part-time working, flexible holidays and career breaks
  • Emergency leave, which can be critically important to carers who can be called home at short notice when care arrangements break down or the person they care for falls ill
  • Flexible leave arrangements e.g. compassionate leave, planned leave, paid leave for emergency or planned caring
  • Workplace support e.g. in-house networking groups, employee assistance programmes, carer policies
  • Simple adjustments access to a private telephone or car parking close to the workplace to make access in and out of work quicker and easier
  • A childcare vouchers system (whereby staff can save money on childcare, tax- and NI-free) is easy to set up, low cost and a great way to appreciate your staff

So, what does good Workplace CSR look like?

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