The future of Carlton and Rhyl primary schools - merger proposals agreed by Cabinet

Summary of the proposals agreed by Cabinet on 24/3/21

  • Merge Rhyl and Carlton primary schools by formally closing Carlton Primary School as a legal entity. The merged school would be under the leadership of Rhyl Primary School and would include the site of Carlton Primary School
  • Reduce school places overall to tackle surplus places
  • Keep the Carlton Primary School site open for education and community use.

On 24 March 2021, the Cabinet resolved that, having considered the representations made to the statutory notice (see below, published 21/1/21), and having due regard to the obligations in section 149 of the Equality Act 2010 and relevant school organisation statutory guidance:

  • The Council implements the statutory proposal to expand the site of Rhyl Primary School so that it includes the site of Carlton Primary School and close Carlton Primary School as a legal entity to effect a merger of Rhyl Primary School and Carlton Primary School, and
  • Officers, together with the existing schools, develop the Carlton and Rhyl primary school sites for the operation of the merged school and the provision of a range of additional services to benefit the community.

Read the full Cabinet decision and agenda papers from the meeting on 24/3/21 here.

Statutory Notice of Proposals published - 21/1/21


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Consultation documents (from the full public consultation, which ended 16/11/20)

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