Consultation on the future of Carlton and Rhyl primary schools

Your views are invited on a proposal to:

  • Merge Rhyl and Carlton primary schools by formally closing Carlton Primary School as a legal entity. The merged school would be under the leadership of Rhyl Primary School and would include the site of Carlton Primary School
  • Reduce school places overall to tackle surplus places
  • Keep the Carlton Primary School site open for education and community use.

Following a decision by the Cabinet on 3 September, a public consultation will run from Monday, 28 September until Monday, 16 November.

Consultation document and online questionnaire - please respond before 16 November

You can read about the proposal in more detail by viewing or downloading the consultation document below - please respond by filling in the online questionnaire:


Other relevant documents




Meetings for parents and the public

Parents and carers

Find out more about these proposals at socially distanced meetings, held at Carlton or Rhyl primary schools, starting Wednesday 7 October. Pre-booking is essential:

Community public meetings

Other members of the community and interested parties can also attend socially distanced meetings, starting Friday 9 October. Pre-booking is essential:

Online meetings

Links to our planned online meetings can be sent on request by emailing

Dates and times of meetings

Translated posters with summary of proposal and how to attend meetings