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Camden's Peer Review

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Camden's Peer Review

Over a three-day period in January 2020, we invited the Local Government Associated (LGA) to review how we perform. The process – called a ‘peer review’ – was led by Tom Riordan, the Chief Executive of Leeds City Council, Mayor Phil Glanville from Hackney Council and seven other local government officers. 

The purpose of a peer review is to review the leadership of a council. In particular, it focuses on community and organisational leadership including how we manage our finances and our capacity to deliver our local priorities. 

In Camden, we place a lot of value on the work we do with our residents to understand what matters most to them and to take those challenges and seek solutions together. As such, we also asked the peer team to focus on our public participation and engagement work.

The peer review is not mandatory or a formal inspection, but it is a chance for the council to get feedback from local government colleagues on what it is doing well, what could be done differently and ideas for the future.

The Peer Review Team have since shared their report and our ambition was to use it as a moment to reflect on the feedback with our residents, businesses and local communities. Together, we wanted to find out whether the report reflects your experience of Camden and to understand how we can take all of the learnings and feedback on board to be even more impactful. 

However, due to the ongoing situation with coronavirus, we won’t be in a position to do that at the moment. We are still really keen for everyone to read the report though so we have uploaded it in full.  You can read the report here (PDF).