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Camden Lettings

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Camden Lettings

To tell us about a property you have available for letting please complete the online form. If you have more than one property, you can email us at [email protected].

Why you should work with Camden Lettings

Camden Lettings work with over 400 letting agents and landlords, providing a reliable and efficient lettings service. There are many benefits when working with Camden Lettings. You will also be supporting your community and helping hundreds of people at risk of homelessness.

Landlord benefits:

  • We offer a generous financial incentive 
  • We can help you avoid having empty properties that make no income for you, maximise rent and let out your property quickly
  • We do not charge any lettings or admin fees
  • You will have a choice of tenants so you can decide who is most suited for your property
  • You will receive a free London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) voucher worth £100
  • You’ll receive ongoing support and advice throughout the life of the tenancy

All prospective tenants will:

  • Attend tenants' training about paying rent, utility bills and council tax on time, as well as advising on the landlord’s responsibilities
  • Undergo checks, housing and credit history
  • Get support through a dedicated in house service with support staff ready to assist tenants as they move. The team provide guidance on finances, utilities and managing universal credit and other claims.

What properties are we interested in?

We require studios, 1 beds, 2 beds and 3 beds in and around the London area, we also have a demand for ground floor and lifted properties in the borough and neighbouring boroughs at the Local Housing Allowance rates.