Taking pride in our neighbourhoods

My garden, my community space, my park… a better place for all

Camden in Bloom aims to encourage residents, businesses and community groups to take pride in their neighbourhood and create a cleaner, greener and healthier Camden.

Everyone can contribute to a greener and cleaner Camden. Think of your garden, balcony, baskets or pots as one piece of your local urban garden made up of your neighbours’ gardens, your local parks, green spaces and street trees.  

Last year’s business and residential award categories included: 

  • Best communal or community garden – for those who have created a vibrant community space on a housing estate, a block of flats, a local square, a wayside garden or along a street (with consecutive well looked after front gardens).
  • Best individual front garden – for those who have created attractive and well-maintained front gardens. 
  • Best green corner – for those who have created amazing green spaces where space is a challenge. These include hanging baskets, window boxes and, containers in balconies, small patios and outdoor areas.
  • Best business garden – for businesses that create attractive planting in and around their premises. These include pub frontages and gardens, business entrances and courtyards as well as green walls and roofs gardens.


Marks are given for the overall visual impact and design of the space. Judges will also look at measures taken to enhance the garden’s contribution to the local environment (see examples of sustainability measures below).

Sustainability measures

  • providing shelter for wildlife by combining bedding plants with trees and shrubs
  • collecting rainwater to use during drier months
  • using natural methods to combat weeds and pests (organic gardening)
  • growing a variety of plants that provide pollen and nectar all year round
  • providing water for wildlife such as a pond or similar wet area
  • feeding birds, particularly over the winter months
  • growing plants that are particularly good at reducing air pollution. For example trees: golden rain, red robin, apple trees, stag's horn sumach, holly and lilac - shrubs: ebbinge's silverberry, bay tree, strawberry tree and viburnum tinus.
  • composting organic waste to produce your own fertiliser


This year's winners were:

  • Best communal or community garden - Caro Shrives
  • Best individual front garden - Mauzima Bhamjee
  • Best green corner - Stephen Glover
  • Best business garden - English Folk Dance and Song Society

Thanks again to our sponsors: Alara Wholefoods, Camden Garden Centre, and idverde.