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Camden and Brexit

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Camden and Brexit

There are 24,000 residents in Camden who were born in EU countries, as well as 36,000 EU citizens who work in our borough. Family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues, these individuals shape our communities and play a vital role within our economy and public services.

Concerns have been raised about a lack of information and guidance from government so Camden Council is stepping in to make sure residents get the support they need as well as offering free assistance for residents who are required to go through the Home Office EU settlement scheme process .

Watch our video on how to apply to the Home Office’s EU Settlement Scheme .


Camden Council’s package of support to residents:

  • provide officers to carry out the free ID verification service  to Camden EU residents and their children, and Camden staff members. This service commenced on Monday 4 March 2019.
  • frontline Council staff will be provided with up to date contact information so they are ready to signpost residents to the help they need.
  • partner with key advice organisations to ensure that ongoing advice points are available.
  • work with schools, community groups and voluntary organisations, to ensure all are prepared to show Camden residents where to access the support they need.
  • invest in the council’s cohesion services to promote healthy communities.

Brexit information sources

There are a range of Brexit information sources, which may be of help to you:

The UK Government and the European Commission have published a joint report agreeing in principle the rights of EU citizens living in the UK after its withdrawal from the EU.

The agreement means that EU citizens living in the UK will have their rights to live, work or receive benefits preserved, so that they can carry on living as they do now.

In order to do this, EU citizens will have to make an EU Settlement Scheme application.

For information and advice relating to specific circumstances, Camden’s EU residents can contact one of our advice partners below:

North West London Law Centres - 020 7284 6510

Citizens Advice Camden - 0808 278 7835

Age UK Camden - 020 7837 3777

Mary Ward Legal Centre – 020 7831 7079

The European Commission explains the rights of European and UK citizens in various situations.

Government department for Exiting the European Union , including information for EU Citizens in the UK .

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) promotes the voluntary sector and volunteering.

EU Citizens' Rights a European Commission website detailing citizens' rights events and information on the EU Settlement Scheme.  

Here for Good A charity supporting EU citizens, providing free and up-to-date UK immigration advice for EU/EEA nationals and their families.  

EU Londoners Hub Information about living in London after Brexit for EU citizens and their families, provided by the Mayor of London.


Settlement in the UK

Supporting EU Citizens in Camden
We are working to support the 24,000 residents in Camden who were born in EU countries, as well as 36,000 EU citizens who work in our borough.  

This guidance is intended to give EU citizens in Camden access to clear and impartial information and, if required, guide you to sources for further support and advice. It does not provide legal advice and Camden is unable to do so.


Staying in Camden after Brexit
Camden’s EU citizens make a huge contribution to our borough and we want to help them to stay.

When the UK leaves the EU, freedom of movement will end. The EU Settlement Scheme has been set up to give EU citizens and their family members a new immigration status when we leave the EU, to allow them to continue living and working in the country. Therefore, it is important that everyone eligible applies.

The rights of citizens from other EEA countries (Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland), as well as those from Switzerland, have been agreed in separate agreements between the UK Government and the governments of these countries. Citizens of the EEA countries and Switzerland will have the same rights as citizens of the 27 EU countries and can apply for Settled Status and pre-Settled Status.

The EU Settlement Scheme
The Home Office’s EU Settlement Scheme is now fully open for applications.

The EU Settlement Scheme allows you and your family members to continue to live, work and study here in the UK after 30 June 2021. It means you continue to be eligible for:

  • public services, such as healthcare and schools
  • public funds and pensions
  • British citizenship, if you want to apply and meet the requirements.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, applicants will need to be living in the UK by 12 April 2019 to apply and the deadline for applying will be brought forward to 31 December 2020.
If your application is successful, you will get either settled or pre-settled status.  

Settled Status is an enhanced version of Indefinite Leave to Remain. Some EU citizens may decide to apply for British Citizenship. This is a personal choice and not a requirement in order to remain living here. There is value in having the extra rights and privileges but there is a significant cost financially.


How to apply


You can make your application for free on the government’s EU Settlement Scheme website.  

You need to apply if you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen or a non-EEA family member of an EU citizen. This includes those with a UK permanent residence document. You do not need to apply if you have indefinite leave to remain or enter, or you are an Irish citizen, but you may choose to do so.  

To be eligible for settled status, you will usually need to have lived in the UK for at least six months in any 12 month period for five years in a row. You will need to provide proof of this when you apply. If you have not lived here for five years in a row you may still be eligible for pre-settled status. More information on eligibility criteria is available online.  

You can give your National Insurance number in the application process to allow an automated check of your residence based on tax and certain benefit records. If this check is successful, you will not need to provide any documents as proof of residence. You will only need to provide documents if there is not enough data to automatically confirm you have been here for five years in a row.

Help with your application
You must complete the application online but you can access help from the Government on the phone, in person and online.

There are different telephone numbers to call, depending on your situation

  • If you are inside the UK: 0300 123 7379 
  • If you are outside the UK: +44 (0)203 080 0010 
  • If you are from an organisation helping others to apply: 0300 790 0566 

Telephone lines are open:
Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), 8am to 8pm 
Saturday and Sunday, 9:30am to 4:30pm 

If you need help with digital skills in order to complete the online application, contact the free assisted digital service on 03333 445 675 (Mon – Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-4pm) for over-the-phone or in-person advice.

If you started your application under the test phase before 30 March and have not had an email confirming your refund by 20 April 2019, contact the Home Office using the details in this section.

You can also get support applying to the EU Settlement Scheme if you’re a vulnerable citizen , for example if you:

  • are elderly
  • are isolated
  • are disabled
  • are a child in care
  • have significant language or literacy problems
  • have mental health issues
  • do not have a permanent address
  • are the victim of domestic abuse
  • are the victim of human trafficking

ID Verification
Since Monday 4 March, Camden has been providing officers to carry out the EU Settlement Scheme ID verification service. This is an ID document scanning service for applicants who do not have an android phone and do not wish to post their passports/ID cards, allowing them to get their passports checked in person. This service is free of charge to Camden EU residents and their children, and Camden staff members. It is open to non-residents at an administration charge of £14.  

Visit the Camden Council website to make an appointment.  


We know that each individual’s circumstances are different, so we are working closely with our advice partners to provide extra support. If you have questions about your specific circumstances, contact one of our advice partners below:

What else is Camden doing to support its EU residents?
As a council, we will continue to act and speak up on behalf of our communities and businesses about what is best for Camden and our residents.

Our Frontline Council staff have been provided with up-to-date contact information so they are ready to signpost residents to the help they need. We are also working with schools, community groups and voluntary organisations, to ensure all are prepared to show Camden’s EU residents where to access the support they need.

We are determined to make sure Camden’s EU residents continue to feel welcome and we will continue to do so with our events and other activities.  

Preparing your business for Brexit

It's important that Camden businesses make themselves aware of the implications of the UK leaving the EU in any scenario. To support businesses consider how they can best prepare, we have compiled a list of the main resources and advice available from government and industry to prepare you for Brexit:

Brexit Business Resource Hub : London Growth Hub and the Mayor of London have launched a Brexit Business Resource Hub, bringing together news, factsheets and events taking place in London. Regularly updated, the Hub includes key resources from a range of partners to help you with your business planning.

Employing EU citizens : This guide prepared by the government can help your business support any EU citizens you may employ through their application for settled status.

If you are an EU citizen and would like advice on how the UK leaving the EU may affect you, please visit our supporting EU settlement section.