Business Support Grants application form

Grant(s) you are applying for

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Select the schemes you believe you are eligible for payment under. 

Get more information on eligibility from our Business Grant pages

The current LRSG (open) grant window has closed. We will advise of any future application windows on the main website and our main communication channels.

The current ARG (Additional Restrictions Grant) window has closed. We will advise of any future application windows on the main website and our main communication channels.

About your business

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If you have a business rates account this name should match the name on your business rates bill
Where applicable this must be provided to prevent delays in your application being assessed
e.g hospitality, Hotel, B&B, leisure (including actual services provided in detail)
Where applicable this must be provided to prevent delays in your application being assessed

Pre payment evidence required

In order to process any grant payments we are required to obtain the following evidence:

*The last 3 months bank accounts for your business

Plus a copy of any one of the following (where they apply):

*company registration number

*VAT registration number

*National Insurance Number if you are a sole trader

*Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)

*Registered charity number certification

You might encounter issues trying to drag and drop files. We advise you use the 'select file' option.

The form accepts many commonly used file types including JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PDF and DOC and you can use your phone camera.

The file size limit is 30 MB for each file

Providing this information now will prevent delays in your application as it will be required to assess your claim

Application type

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Type of grant(s) for which you are applying

Please confirm which of the two applies to you.

if you are applying for both the grant for the period government mandated your business was closed and a discretionary grant, you must choose the second option. 

Discretionary grants

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This should be rental costs, insurance, utilities, etc. Evidence must be provided to support this such as lease, copies of utility bills, etc). This should be a numeric field
Evidence must be provided to evidence this such as your last 3 months bank statements and comparative information such as pre covid formal accounts and / or bank statements
If you are a supply chain business, please supply evidence of orders lost or suspended here
Provide as much detail as possible including impact on turnover and fixed costs you have such as rent, insurance, staffing, etc. For supply chain businesses you should also provide information on orders lost or suspended.

Additional elements needed for this scheme’s declaration
1.    If your application is successful, receiving a grant will be conditional on the following requirements:
*    Social Value and responsible business is an important priority for the Council. 

2.    You will commit to engage with the council on projects relating to Inclusive Economy and Sustainability such employment initiatives supporting local people back to work
*    Agreement to engage with monitoring and evaluation activity to measure the impact of the fund
*    Signing the declaration below is confirmation of that commitment.

Payment information

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This should be the business bank account only, not personal account
Enter sort code as one solid number, do not enter spaces or hyphens


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This form must be signed and all details where known completed by the ratepayer.

Where, for example, the ratepayer is a company or partnership, it should be signed by a Director of the said company or by one of the partners in the firm.

It is important that they state their capacity within the organisation for signing this document

i.e. director, trustee, partner

The London Borough of Camden is committed to protecting public funds. We have put processes in place to identify and prevent fraud.

Where it is alleged or considered that an application may have been made fraudulently, the matter will be investigated and if fraud is found to have occurred, action may be taken to recover the monies.

This may include criminal proceedings.

Equalities and diversity questionnaire

This information is required only for collecting equality and inclusion data relating to our grant schemes.  Your responses have no impact on the outcome of your application which is assessed solely on your responses to previous questions and the supporting evidence provided only.

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