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Check which schemes are available now and your eligibility for them.

Select the schemes you believe you are eligible for payment under.


About your business

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You can only apply for one Business Rates Account (one property) within this application.

You will need to make a seperate application for any other Business Rates Accounts you hold.

This should be your business address
This should be the postcode of your business address
If you have a business rates account this name should match the name on your business rates bill
Where applicable this must be provided to prevent delays in your application being assessed
It is essential that you provide us with an email address where you are available for us to contact you about this application
Provide us with a number on which you are available for us to call you about this application
e.g bar, restaurant, café, hotel, bed & breakfast, retail shop, hair salon.

Upload required evidence

You need to upload the following evidence so we can process your application:

  • Evidence of business activity: upload your most recent 3 months of business bank statements.  
    This is so we can see that you were trading/your business is a going concern. Make sure the following are visible on each page of the statement:
    • Your transactions
    • Sort code
    • Account number
    • Account name


  • If you have not provided a company reference number or VAT registration number, you will need to upload at least one of the following to confirm your identity.
    The number must be clearly visible on the official document you upload:
    • Copy of your National Insurance Number card
    • Letter from HMRC
    • Letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
    • P45 or P60
    • Payslip
Providing this information now will prevent delays in your application as it will be required to assess your claim

When you click the 'Next' button you will be taken to the bank details page.

Application type

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LRSG open is a scheme for businesses working in hospitality or leisure, who are registered for business rates.

For further information see our website (link opens new tab).

If you intend to apply for this grant, you must also provide us with some additional information later in this form.

Discretionary grants

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Upload evidence showing the difference between fixed costs and monthly turnover pre Covid-19 restrictions (March 2019-March 2020) and during Covid-19 restrictions (April 2020-now).

We need to see rental costs, insurance, utilities, other ingoings and outgoings etc.

An accountancy report or equivalent showing a breakdown of your profit/loss and fixed costs
Property leases, leases for equipment, copies of utility bills, rent invoices, accountancy invoices, stock invoices, insurance invoices/leases, evidence of planning or implementing Covid safe measures, evidence of preparing for reopening including refurbishments etc
Provide as much detail as possible including impact on turnover and fixed costs you have such as rent, insurance, staffing, etc. For supply chain businesses you should also provide information on orders lost or suspended.

Declaration: Your commitment to making a positive contribution to Camden's economy

It is crucial that as a business, you are making a positive contribution to Camden's economy, you hold social value, and you adopt responsible working practices.

If your application is successful, receiving a grant will be conditional on the following requirements:

  1. You will commit to engage with the council on projects relating to Inclusive Economy and Sustainability, such as employment initiatives supporting local people back to work.

  2. You agree to monitor and evaluate your business activity, to help measure the impact of the fund.

  3. You agree to sign the declaration below, as confirmation of that commitment.

Bank details

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This should be the name of the bank account holder paying business rates. e.g. Acme Ltd or Mr Adam Smith
Enter sort code as one solid number, do not enter spaces or hyphens


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This form must be signed and all details where known completed by the ratepayer.

Where, for example, the ratepayer is a company or partnership, it should be signed by a Director of the company or by one of the partners in the firm.

It is important that they state their capacity within the organisation for signing this document

i.e. director, trustee, partner

The London Borough of Camden is committed to protecting public funds. We have put processes in place to identify and prevent fraud.

Where it is alleged or considered that an application may have been made fraudulently, the matter will be investigated. If fraud is found to have occurred, action may be taken to recover the monies.

This may include criminal proceedings.

EU state aid rules no longer apply in the UK. However from 4 March 2021 new subsidy rules apply to this grant scheme on the basis of article 3.4 of the Trade and Cooperation agreement. For the purposes of this grant, this takes the form of three subsidy allowances.

1) Small Amounts of Financial Assistance Allowance (up to £335,000 over the fiscal years to 2 March 2021)

2) the COVID-19 Business Grant Allowance (an additional £1,600,000 of the first allowance is reached)

3) the COVID-19 Business Grant Special Allowance (a further allowance of £9,000,000 if the second allowance is reached and subject to certain conditions including having at least a 30% decline in income and the grant payment not exceeding 70% of the applicants uncovered fixed costs)

This results in a potential total allowance of £10,935,000.

To confirm this, we advise you read the official guidance on the website (particulary paragraph 88 onwards).

Equalities and diversity questionnaire

This information is required only for collecting equality and inclusion data relating to our grant schemes.  Your responses have no impact on the outcome of your application which is assessed solely on your responses to previous questions and the supporting evidence provided only.

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